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U.S. and Canadian Payroll

The U.S. and Canadian Payroll module is your key to absolute control over employee earnings and benefits, special payroll situations and government reporting—allowing you to effectively meet your company’s payroll requirements and uphold personnel policies. Enter or import time cards, enter after-the-fact paychecks, run automatic calculations, or combine all three methods to get your pay data into the system and your paychecks out. Payroll handles all pay frequencies, multiple work states or provinces, unlimited earnings, deductions, benefits and taxes, and other pay factors such as expense reimbursements, accruals, and advances.

  • Integrates with ACCPAC HR Series for comprehensive human resource management
  • Track cash and non-cash benefits
  • Choose from a wide variety of calculation methods to compute employee benefits, earnings, and deductions
  • Assign an earnings or a deductions code automatically to a range of employees
  • Use General Ledger’s flexible account structure for cost center accounting (post to cost centers by employee, by job, or even by part of a job)
  • Track Canadian earnings for WCB reporting
  • eFILE for Canadian Payroll provides a simple, cost-effective way for Sage Accpac ERP clients to file electronically
  • Tailor benefits, deductions, and earnings to track and report RPPs, RRSPs, and other benefits; court-ordered alimony and maintenance payments; wage advances; plus in the U.S., report cafeteria plans, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 408(k)(6)s, 457s, 501(c) (18)(d)s, wage garnishments, IRAs, and more
  • Post expenses only, or post liabilities and expenses to cost centers and easily change the cost center for all the accounts involved in a transaction
  • Create templates to quickly add new employees and set up selection lists of employees for whom you can calculate payroll and perform other processing functions
  • Streamline your timecard entry by providing support for self-service timecards
  • Globally update particular fields for earnings, deductions, and taxes assigned to employees
  • Process by date without being tied to pay periods with required openings and closings
  • In Canada, create as many as four different classes to allow payroll calculation, paycheck sorting, and report production for any combination of employees
  • Set up single schedules covering vacation or sick day accrual for all employees, regardless of years of service, and a single overtime payment schedule for employees in every pay frequency, or create as many schedules as needed
  • Use in concert with Bank Services to track checks, handle check reversals, and keep an audit trail of all paychecks
  • View employee statistics and checks
  • Produce comprehensive processing reports, including pre- and post-check registers and analysis of earnings, benefits, deductions, accruals, and taxes for the pay period
  • Process payroll in a currency other than your functional currency
  • Provide electronic funds transfer and direct deposit capabilities through integration with EFT Direct Payroll
  • In the U.S., print W-2s on paper forms and submit to taxing authorities on diskette, proof and print a 941 report with the exact information needed to complete Form 941, and track and report Workers’ Compensation, SUTA, and FUTA.
  • In Canada, track employment insurance, print complete Record of Employment information, and print T4 and Relevé 1 forms.

Standard Report Samples

  • Accruals
  • Advances
  • Benefits
  • Deductions
  • Earnings
  • Earnings and Hours
  • Earnings / Deductions Summary
  • Employee Information
  • Expense Reimbursements
  • Manual Checks
  • Overtime Schedules
  • Payroll Processing Exceptions
  • Payroll Register
  • Pre-Check Payroll Register
  • Shift Differential Schedules
  • Tax Calculation Analysis
  • Tax Profiles
  • Timecards
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Workers’ Compensation Codes
  • U.S. Government Reports
  • 941
  • Quarterly Wage
  • W-2 Forms

Canadian Government Reports

  • CCRA Remittance Info
  • Ministère du Revenu Info
  • Record of Employment
  • Relevé 1 Forms
  • T4 Forms
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